Welcome to Zimed

Zimed Healthcare Inc. is a US-based medical equipment company that manufactures a wide range of world-class hospital equipment. We believe that quality healthcare is a fundamental right, and we aim to provide it to all common masses.

Our diversified range of product categories includes surgical and ICU equipment, medical imaging, and neonatal intensive care units.

Our team of R&D and QC engineers works hard to develop functional and aesthetically pleasing products. We use high-quality components to produce long-lasting products with minimal maintenance.

We follow ISO 9001:2015 guidelines to ensure that our products meet customer requirements by continually improving product quality and services. Additionally, we adhere to ISO 13485:2016 for quality management systems and ISO 14971 for risk management for medical devices.

Our expert team provides quality training to our customer service staff for every piece of equipment we sell. We maintain our customer reputation by providing innovative services. Our staff addresses all customer queries and receives feedback from them.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we aim to provide safe, reliable, and competitively priced products.


We are a total healthcare distributor specializing in equipment and products related to specialized medical/surgical care, point-of-care diagnostics, standard laboratory supplies, orthopedics, advanced wound care, surgical instruments, and veterinary products.

Our Products

We work with the finest manufacturing partners to ensure we provide our clients with the best available products. We understand the importance of quality and pricing. It is our mission to constantly evaluate our partnerships to ensure we always provide the best to you, our customer.

Quality Policy

We believe in providing the highest level of quality. The fact that we are in a business directly linked to the health and well-being of people makes us a more responsible company. No matter what, we make no compromises. Life is precious.

Not only do our products conform to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, and CE standards, but we also consistently exceed international quality norms. We boast the most modern factories with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Additionally, rigorous quality assurance resources ensure stricter quality control.