Electrosurgical Unit ZEU-A60

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Electrosurgical Unit ZEU-A60 is a device with isolated output design to ensure that the right amount of power output is supplied during both mono-polar and bipolar operations for cutting and coagulating tissue. It comprises of ABS external as a main material and delivers main frequency of 512 kHz ± 5 %. Equipped with single-chip microcomputer control technology and sound output volume controls. Features modular design, low maintenance, powerful function, and easy operation.

Specifications :
Working mode (Monopolar)
Pure 500 Ω
Blend 500 Ω
Desiccate 300 Ω
Spray 500 Ω
Working mode (Bipolar)
Coag 100 Ω
Main Material ABS external housing
Main Frequency 512 kHz ± 5%
High Frequency leakage
Monopolar Less than 150 mA
Monopolar Less than 150 mA
Bipolar Less than 60 mA
Low frequency leakage
Normal polarity, Intact chassis ground Less than 50 μA
Normal polarity, ground open Less than 50 μA
Reverse polarity, ground open Less than 50 μA
Sink current, 140V applied all inputs Less than 50 μA
Packaging Dimensions (L x W X H) 34 x 16 x47 cm
Gross Weight 8 Kg
Features :
  • Output power is displayed digitally
  • When the minimum or maximum power limit is achieved, a sound signal is generated
  • Pure and Blend are two mono-polar cutting modes
  • Spray and desiccate are two mono-polar coagulation modes
  • Standard Coag is one bipolar mode
  • Patient plate continuity monitoring circuits helps to protect the patients from electrical burns
  • Isolated RF output
  • Pencil or footswitch-controlled output
  • Sound output volume controls
  • Functions expandable for use in combination with endoscope or argon trolley
Standard Accessories :

Disposable Pencil (hand & foot control)
Disposable Patient Plate
Two Button Footswitch (Plastic)
Reusable Bipolar Forceps (all types)
Reusable Bipolar Cable (EU and US type)
Reusable cable for patient plate

Applications :

Electrosurgical Unit is widely used for carrying out microsurgeries in the fields of Laparoscopy, Gynecology, Urology, Neurology, Thoracic operations.