Operating Light ZOL-A21

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ZOL-A21 is aperture operating light series featuring 5 bulbs with a power of 125 W which assists in daily surgical procedures. Incorporated with battery and use halogen lamps as light source. Bulb unit is installed on a moving stand for easy and convenient mobility.

Specifications :
Illumination Intensity (at 1 m) ≥50,000 lux
Bulb Power 125 W
Power Input 150 VA
Light Source Halogen bulb
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 10 %
50 Hz
Color Temperature 4500 K ± 500 K
Bulb Voltage 24 V
Features :
  • High illumination intensity
  • Reduced shadow generation
  • Eliminates over heating of surrounding
Applications :

Used in hospitals for surgeries.