Operating Light ZOL-A31

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Operating light ZOL-A31 features a high quality reflector allowing the bulb to focus concentrate the light to its specific operational area. Designed to use by medical personnel for individual medical examination and small procedures. Failure of the primary light will be automatically replaced by standby light.

Specifications :
Illumination Intensity 60,000 lux ~ 120,000 lux
Lamp Holder Diameter 600 mm
Light Field 100 mm ~ 280 mm
Temperature Increased ≤ 12 °C
Depth of Illumination ≥ 700 mm
Bulb Voltage 24 V (AC)
Mains Voltage 220 V ± 20 %
50 Hz
Temperature Increased of Doctor’s head ≤ 2 °C
Bulb Power 150 W
Power Input 220 VA
Features :
  • High quality reflector
  • Automatic switch over between the primary and standby lights
  • Brightness focus ( light diameter density ) can be customized
Applications :

Used in hospitals to conduct modern surgical operations as ideal light source.