Operating light ZOL-A51

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Operating light ZOL-A51 is designed with advanced poly-optic technology for ensuring high accuracy of the equipment and has a color temperature of 4000 to 5000 K. Equipped with Plastic aluminum case with aviation aluminum top in two colors and buckle type plugin sterile hand shank for simplified cleaning and sterilization process. Designed with constant current drive for stable working of the device and a keyboard controller for ease of the operation.

Specifications :
Head diameter 500 mm
Color temperature 4000 to 5000 K
Illumination 40000 to 120000 Lx (adjustable)
Lamp power 98VA
Spot diameter 180 to 280 mm(adjustable)
Color rendering index ≥ 90
Lighting depth ≥ 1000 mm
Bulb cold light source
Brightness Level Dimming 1% to 100%
Bulb life > 50000 hr
Bulb number 54 pcs
Bulb brand German Osram
Bulb rated power 3W
Bulb actual power less than 1W
Features :
  • Long LED working hours more than about 50,000 hours
  • PMMA optical lens for high light efficiency and long life of the light source
  • PWM dimming system for better lighting effect
  • Adjustable color temperature for the reliability of the user
  • Illumination memory function for the ease of the user
  • Engineering plastic aluminum case with aviation aluminum top in two colors
  • Buckle type plugin sterile hand shank, it is easy to clean and sterilize
  • Constant current drive for stable working, and for increasing working life
  • Easy to use operation menu with a 2.4-inch keyboard controller
  • Adjustable color temperature for the ease of the user
  • Adjustable dimmer sport for effective light management
Applications :

Operating light ZOL-A51 is widely used to illuminate the operative site across hospitals and clinics.