Hydraulic Operating Table ZOT-A20

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Hydraulic Operating Table ZOT-A20 is an equipment used in medical settings to provide a comfortable and adjustable platform for various procedures. Designed with a hydraulic system that enables precise control. Offers height adjustment of up to 300mm facilitated by both remote and manual operators. Constructed with high-strength steel for high performance and requires low maintenance.

Specifications :
Table lifting height 300mm
Lateral tilt ≥25º ±5º
Trendelenburg ≥35º ±5º
Reverse Trendelenburg ≥35º ±5º
Kidney bridge adjustment ≥120mm
Electric horizontal sliding ≥350mm
Leg plate up/down/outwards ≥15º/90º/90º
Head plate up/down adjustment ≥45º/90º
Backplate (up/down) folding ≥80º ±5º/30º ±5º
Table size 2100×550mm
Height 750-1050mm
Features :
  • The hydraulic system allows for easy adjustment of the chair’s height, recline, and tilt
  • Ensures patient comfort during examinations or treatments
  • Provided with a soft, padded mattress for easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • Equipped with adjustable headrest and armrest to enhance patient comfort during procedures
  • Features self-locking positions for reliable and safe operation
  • Comes with a built-in battery system, resetting the function with just one key press
  • Make the X-ray imaging easy with its C-shaped arm which can be connected to the detector
Applications :

Hydraulic Operating Table is widely used in various surgical procedures, gynaecology, obstetrics and orthopaedic procedures due to its versatility and flexibility.