Phototherapy Lamp ZPL-A102

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Phototherapy Lamp ZPL-A102 is designed for therapeutic use and emits precise wavelengths of 400-550nm. Featuring adjustable irradiance intensity and an impressive 50,000-hour lamp life. Blue light wavelengths penetrate the skin, boasting high light output and a broad illumination area. Equipped with built-in timers, ensuring automatic shutdown post a predetermined session.

Specifications :
Light Source Blue tube
Wave length 400-550nm
Light Irradiancy (E bi max) 3500μm/cm²
Irradiance treatment Distance 35cm
Effective area 45cm×24cm
lnfrared radiation in effective area ≤10mW/cm²(760nm <λ≤1400nm)
Ultraviolet radiation in effective area ≤1.0×10-5mW/cm² (180nm<λ≤400nm)
Adjust angle 30°, 60°, 90°
Adjust height 1100mm-1500mm
Life span 50,000 hours
Time display accuracy 2h±1min
Time Display Range 9999h 59min
Operate noise ≤55dB(A), ambit noise is lower than 40dB(A
lnput power <150VA
Weight 15kg
Features :
  • Utilizes a blue LED bulb as the light source
  • Accurate control of light dosage is essential for safe and effective treatment
  • Rotating radiant head at angles of 30°, 60°, and 90°
  • Easy-to-use LED Digital Timer to facilitate operation for healthcare professionals and patients
Applications :

It is used to deliver controlled exposure light for treating skin disorders in hospitals and Medical Laboratories