Digital Ultrasound System ZUS-A20

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Digital ultrasound system ZUS-A20 is a digital imaging system with 3 transducer ports to connect to the transducers. Transducers are used to send and receive the high frequency ultra sound wave. Reflected sound wave echoes were recorded and real time visualization of the image is done. It provide better image than the analog equipment and images and patients data are stored permanently.

Specifications :
Transducer frequency 3.5 MHz
Transducer probe connector 3
Image storage ≥ 1000
Pseudo color 7
Imaging mode B, 2B, 4B, BM, M
Battery Lithium (6 hours continues work )
Monitor 15 inch LCD
Features :
  • Possesses 3 transport ports
  • 7 selectable pseudo colors
  • Freely adjustable LCD monitor
  • It stores more than 1000 image frames
  • Presetting of more than one parameters
Applications :

Imaging of small body parts, abdomen, cardiac, urology.