4D color doppler Ultrasound System ZUS-A41

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ZUS-A41 is 4D color dropper ultrasound scanner. Used to view the internal organs of human body using high frequency ultra sound waves which are sent from the transducer. It is incorporated with more than one transducer connector port and offers advanced workflow and deliver more accurate, consistent results.

Specifications :
Transducer probe connector 2
Transducer probe type Convex, linear, trans-vaginal, 4-D volume, micro-convex, pediatric, multi frequency
Monitor 15 inch LCD
Image processing THI (tissue harmonic imaging), compound, SRA (speckle algorithm)
Image optimization software I-image
Features :
  • Portable device with multi transducer connection port
  • Wide range of transducers like convex, linear, trans-vaginal, 4D volume, multi frequency can be used
  • Image display modes B, 2B, B/M, M, CFM, PW mode, Power Doppler/directional PD, Duplex, Trapezoidal, real time 4D, Chroma BP/W
  • 4D image provide ease image view
Applications :

Mainly used in gynecology practices and cardiac studies, in hospital and clinics.