Urine Analyzer ZURA-A21

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Urine Analyzer ZURA-A21 is automated and integrates chemical and sediment analysis with throughputs of 360(T/h) and 180(T/h) respectively. It can process 100 samples and can expand capacity up to 300 samples. Our analyzer features APO imaging with 600x optical magnification and captures 2,000 frames in 10 seconds. Equipped with a 1 ml injection pump for precise sample dispensing, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

Specifications :
Urine Analyzer Capacity Number of Initial Samples: 100
Maximum Additional Samples: Up to 300
Urine Analyzer Throughput 360 T/H
Urine Analyzer Test Principle Photoelectric colorimetric principle, multiwavelength measurement determination.
Urine Analyzer Test Components UBG, BIL, KET, BLD, PRO, NIT, LEU, GLU, pH ( Standard)
SG, VC, MALB, CRE, Ca (Optional)
Analytical Parameters Specific gravity, Turbidity, Color, Conductivity, and Osmotic pressure (Optional)
Urine Sediment Analyzer Principle Flat Flow Cytometry
Urine Sediment Analyzer Throughput 180(T/h)
Urine Sediment Analyzer Capacity 100 samples, up to 300 samples by adding a Pre-storage tray.
Urine Sediment Analyzer Test Components Fully automatic recognition of 28 items formed elements, such as RBC, WBC, epithelial cells, casts, crystals, etc
> 50 parameters can be identified with manual assistance
Indication Function RBC source, urinary tract infection, urine bacterial culture, microscopic examination, RBC histogram
STAT Special Emergency Position
Data Storage ≥ 1 million data
Power 220V, 50Hz
Urine Analyzer Dimension (L×W×H) 603× 757× 762 mm
Urine Sediment Analyzer Dimension (L×W×H) 603 ×795 ×584 mm
Urine Analyzer Weight 60kg
Urine Sediment Analyzer Weight 61.5 kg
Features :
  • Equipped with MC urinalysis strip
  • STAT for emergency samples
  • Resists color and vitamin C interference
  • Optional multiparameter analysis
  • Supports storage of large data
Standard Accessories :

1. Computer 2. Cabinet

Applications :

Urine Analyzer is widely utilized in Clinical Diagnosis, Disease & Drug Monitoring, Pregnancy Testing, Research and Epidemiology, Quality Control in Clinical Labs etc.