Dental Unit ZDU-A10

Dental Unit ZDU-A10

ZDU-A10 is designed with adjustable head rest and back rest seat provide comfortable environment for dentist to work in different positions. Incorporates low voltage continuous electric motor, avoiding damage to turbine and tooth cleaning instrument caused by air pressure and water.

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Power supply 220 V; 50 Hz (AC)
Input power 750 VA
Chair size 1750 × 850 × 1800 mm
DC motor 24 V / ≤ 3.8 A
Operation light 12 V; 50 VA (AC)
10 V; 50 VA
Water supply 220 V / 24 VA
X-Ray film viewer 12 VA
Instrument tray capacity 1.5 kg
Weight 250 kg
  • Electric operation mode
  • Stable chair movement by a set air spring
  • Input control : Main and foot control panel
  • Two set of saliva ejector
  • Single cuspidor
  • Internalized water purified system
  • Air locked rotary arm system
  • Dentist stool


Used in dental clinic for dental examinations and operations.

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