Dialysis Machine

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  • Specification

    Dialysate temperature 34.0 °C to 39.0 °C
    Dialysate flux 300 to 800 ml/min
    Dialysate concentration 12.1 mS/cm to 16.0 mS/cm, ± 0.1 mS/cm
    UF rate Flow range 0 ml/h to 4000 ml/h
    Dialysate Resolution ratio 1 ml
    Dialysate Precision ±30 ml/h
    Extracorporeal Venous pressure -180 mm Hg to +600 mmHg, ±10 mm Hg
    Extracorporeal Arterial pressure -380 mm Hg to + 400 mm Hg, ± 10 mm Hg
    TMP pressure -180 mm Hg to + 600 mm Hg, ±20 mm Hg
    Blood pump flow range 20 ml/min to 400 ml/min(diameter:Ф6 mm)
    Spare pump flow range 30 ml/min to 600 ml/min(diameter:Ф8 mm)
    Resolution ratio 1 mL
    Heparin Pump Syringe size 20, 30, 50 mL
    Heparin pump Flow range 0 ml/h to 10 ml/h
    Heparin pump Resolution ratio 0.1 ml
    Water input pressure 0.15 MPa to 0.6 MPa, 21.75 P.S.I. to 87 P.S.I
    Water input temperature 10℃ to 30℃
    Working environment 10℃ to 30℃ at relative humidity of no more than 70%
    Power 1500 W
    Power supply AC220V/50Hz / 60Hz, 10A
    Dimension (L×W×H) 380 × 400 × 1380 mm
    Weight 88 Kg
  • Features

    • Integrated with Intelligent Double Operation System controlling and monitoring the various parameters
      Designed with a TFT LCD touch Screen with a user-friendly button interface
      Offers a Dialysate temperature with a preset range of 34.0℃ to 39.0℃, ±0.5℃
      Adopts Blood leak detection with Photochromic property
      In-built alarm system alerts when erythrocyte specific volume is 0.32±0.02 or blood leak volume is equal to or more than 1ml per liter of dialysate
      The bubble detection system detects a single air bubble volume is more than 200µl at 200ml/min blood flow with an ultrasonic alarm
      Intended with conductivity composed of ±0.5% acoustic-optic
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  • Specification

    Dialysate Temperature Preset range 33°C to 40°C
    Dialysate Resolution 0.1°C
    Dialysate Flow 100 to 800 ml/min (Adjustable)
    UF Rate Flow Range 0 ml/h to 4000 ml/h
    Display 15-inch LCD touch screen
    Blood Pump Flow Range 20 ml/min to 400 ml/min(Ф6 mm)
    Spare Pump Flow Range 20 ml/min to 600 ml/min(Ф8 mm)
    Extracorporeal Venous Pressure -180mmHg to +600mmHg
    Extracorporeal Arterial Pressure -380mmHg to +400mmHg
    TMP Pressure -180mmHg to +600mmHg
    Heparin Pump Syringe Size 10, 20, 30, 50 ml
    Heparin Pump Flow Range 0 ml/h to 10 ml/h
    Heparin Pump Bolus Range 1.0 to 20.0 ml
    Water Input Pressure 0.15Mpa to 0.6MPa
    Water Input Temperature 5℃ to 32℃
    Disinfection Program Mode Citric acid + peracitic acid at Normal temperature flow 300 to800ml/min (adjustable)
    Citric acid+hot disinfection at 85°C, flow 300 to 800ml/min (adjustable)
    Power consumption 1500 W
    Power Supply AC220V+10%, 50Hz
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 653 × 470 × 1598mm
    Weight 66 Kg
  • Features

    • Reliable and non-invasive
      Dual systems for air detection
      Fitted with photoelectric sensors
      Automatic disinfection system
      Includes timer and pause function
      Monitor and record various parameters