Hematology Analyzer ZHEA-A11

Hematology Analyzer ZHEA-A11

Hematology analyzer LHEA-A11 is fully automated double channels blood counter with 3 part differentiation of WBCs and sampling rate of 60 samples / hr. It allows setting of twenty three parameters and simultaneous display for analyzing of blood sample. It is automatic producing more precised results with less consumption of blood samples. Built in advanced digital ARM intelligent technology with storage capacity of about 10,000 results.

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Output 60 samples / hrs.
Channels Double
Assay items 23 parameters
Sample volume Venous : 9.8 µl
Pre diluted: 20 µl
Low sample volume 10 µl – 40 µl
Orientation Portable
Operational mode Figure button, mouse, international Key-board
Technology Advanced digital ARM Intelligent
Display 8.4 inch TFT ( color )
Measuring principle Electrical resistance, supercritical fluid technology
Data storage 10,000 samples + 3 histograms
Printer Internal thermal sensitive or external
  • Sampling rate - 60 samples per hour
  • 23 parameter setting with 3 part differentiation of WBCs
  • Automatic sampling and probe cleaning
  • Automated sample diluting, mixing, rinsing, clog cleaning
  • Precised output with less blood sample consumption
  • Electrical resistance for counting and SFT method
  • Real time result monitoring
  • 3 operational modes : Figure button, mouse, international Key-board
  • Advanced digital ARM intelligent technology
  • Internal thermal sensitive or external printer


Used to count and characterize blood cells for disease detection and monitoring, WBC counts, complete cell counts, reticulocyte analysis and coagulation tests.

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