Electric Orthopedic Traction Bed ZOB-A201

Electric Orthopedic Traction Bed ZOB-A201

Electric orthopedic traction bed ZOB-A201 consists of a stamped-form platform with no welding scar. Environmental plastics can also be sterilized at 100°C and have a tensile strength of 30 MPa. It features anti-bacterial steel with a paint thickness of 0.12 mm and a brightness of 60°. Double-sided castors with a central locking system, a hand controller, and a linear motor are incorporated in the system. The bed is equipped with ABS side rails with extra height and a safe lock.

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Back-rest adjustment 0 - 75° (± 10°)
Knee-rest adjustment 0 - 35° (± 10°)
Height adjustment of use base 435 – 725 mm
Trendelenburg 0 - 12°
Reverse Trendelenburg 0 - 12°
Double Side Castors 4 pcs (central locking system)
Mattress Platform 1935 × 900 mm
IV pole prevision 4 pcs
Drainage Hook 2 pcs
Dimensions (L × W) 2250 × 1060 mm
Working Load 250 Kg
  • It is simple, safe, reliable, easy-to-use
  • Hand controller, angle indicator
  • ABS side rails and bed ends with extra height and safe lock
  • Double side castors with central locking system and pedal
  • IV pole prevision, drainage hook
  • Trendelenburg, height adjustment
  • Back-rest and knee-rest adjustment too
  • Can bear up to 250 kg


Orthopedic beds are used for patients in the fields of hospitals and medical institutes.

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