Infant Incubator ZII-A30

Infant Incubator ZII-A30

Infant incubator ZII-A30 is an advanced incubator machine which by one button operation gets converted to radiant warmer. It is equipped with oxygen concentration monitoring system, humidity function and X-ray tray. Base unit maintained by 4 stands facilitates vertical height adjustment.

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Air temp adjustable range 25 °C to 37 °C (override mode: 37 °C to 39 °C) 
Infant temp adjustable range 34 °C to 37 °C (override mode: 37 °C to 38 °C) 
Operational environment condition
Relative humidity 0 % to 90 % RH
O2 concentration control range 20 % to 60 %
  • Able to convert from incubator to radiant warmer
  • Incubator mode: Temperature(air mode, baby mode), humidity, oxygen concentration control system
  • Radiant warmer mode: Radiant temperature control system (pre to warming mode, manual mode, baby mode)
  • Large color LCD screen enables clear monitoring of data (parameters)
  • Multiple alarms : Temperature deviation, O2 concentration, humidity deviation, water shortage, power failure, system failure
  • Vertical height adjustment is possible


Used in hospitals (intensive care unit), pediatric department. Pediatric clinic.

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