Surgical Suction Pump ZSP-A31

Surgical Suction Pump ZSP-A31

ZSP-A31 features swing type oil free piston compressor and two containers to collect the fluid. Operates at flow rate less than 20 L/min, suitable for the removal of thick fluid in surgical operation. Environmental friendly, portable and easy carry device.

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Flow rate ≥ 40 L/min
Container Capacity 2.5 L/piece
Max Vacuum Pressure 680 mmHg (0.09 MPa)
Vacuum Range 0 to 750 mmHg
Noise ≤ 60 dB
No. of Container 2
Dimensions 465 × 415 × 645 mm
Weight 14 kg
  • 2 glass containers
  • Oil free piston pump
  • Portable
  • Low noise operation


Used in hospital to remove phlegm and thick fluid during and after operation.

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