Ventilator machine ZVM-A10

Ventilator machine ZVM-A10

Ventilator machine ZVM-A10 is pneumatically driven, electrically controlled used for emergency clinical resuscitation and respiratory therapy. Tidal volume i.e. the air inhaled during normal breath ranges from 10 to 1500 ml. System contain dual electronic flow sensor and dual respiratory modules. This is highly stable and reliable product.

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Tidal volume 10 - 1500 ml
Ventilation mode A/C, SIPPV, IPPV, SIMV, PSIMV, PSV, CPAP, PCV, Spont, manual
Respiratory rate 1 to 99 bpm
I:E ratio 4:1-1:4
Minute volume ≥ 18 L
Display 10.4 inch (TFT)
Pressure limit 1.0 kPa to 6.0 kPa
Adjustable oxygen concentration 45 - 100 %
Backup power supply 4 hours
  • Working mode: Closed, semi-closed and semi-open
  • TFT Display: pressure-time, frequency-time, pressure-volume, frequency-volume and any 2 waveform
  • Pressure trigger and flow trigger
  • Monitor parameter: tidal volume, respiratory rate, airway pressure, I: E ratio, inspiratory expiratory status etc
  • 9 level adjustable humidifier
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Alarm system: audible and/or visual during any feature failure
  • Before starting to perform automatically check the initial functions, automatic calibration is done


Ventilator is common lifesaving instrument in emergency units, also used in hospitals intensive care units.

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