Ventilator machine ZVM-A30

Ventilator machine ZVM-A30

Ventilator machine ZVM-A30 is electrically controlled used for emergency clinical resuscitation and respiratory therapy. Tidal volume delivered ranges from 50 to 1500 ml. It is equipped with infrared turbine pressure and flow sensor and power failure support system. It automatically check all the initial parameter before starting operation.

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Tidal volume 50 - 1500 ml
Ventilation mode A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, IMV, SIMV, Manual
Respiratory rate 6 to 60 bpm
I:E ratio 1:1.5 - 1:3.0
Display LED
Pressure limit 1.0 kPa to 6.0 kPa
Medical grade O2 supply 280 ̴ 600 kPa
SIGH 1 sigh breath in every 80 - 120 breaths
Backup power supply 4 hours
  • Tactile analog parameter controls
  • High precession pressure and flow sensor
  • Non hazardous
  • User friendly
  • Backup power supply during power failure
  • 9 level adjustable humidifier


Used in the emergency units, and in intensive care units of hospitals.

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