High Frequency Mobile X-ray ZMXR-A10

High Frequency Mobile X-ray ZMXR-A10

ZMXR-A10 is a mobile X-ray machine featuring high frequency inverter to emit good quality X-rays at minimal radiation doses. X-ray tube can be effortlessly dragged to any location for ease of user. Gives consistent and replicable radiation doses and incorporates kV analog closed loop control, mAs digital closed loop control and micro processing real-time control radiography techniques.

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Power output 2.5 kW
X-ray tube (Fixed anode focus) 1.5 mm
mAs 1.0 to 160 mAs (45 steps)
Inverter frequency 50 kHz
Tube voltage 40 to 100 kV
Tube current 40 to 49 kV, 50 mA
50 to 59 kV, 42 mA
60 to 69 kV, 36 mA
70 to 79 kV, 31 mA
80 to 89 kV, 28 mA
90 to 100 kV, 25 mA
Operation mode Wire and wireless control
Power supply 220 V ± 10 %
50 Hz (R = ≤ 1.0 Ω)
Display mode LCD
  • 50 exposure preset values
  • Two buttons to adjust kV and mAs vales
  • Symmetrical beam applicator for field adjustment
  • High quality X-ray minimizing excess radiation
  • 20 m microwave exposer remote control


Used in orthopedics department, hospital emergency rooms, operating rooms, hospital wards, radiology and ICU for radiography.

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