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The components of PPE Kit include suit along with shoe cover, goggle, gloves and masks. They help us to protect from viruses, bacteria and other means of infection. The kit weighs 70gms. They are available in wide range of sizes from S to XL (160-190cm).

Specifications :
Mask Type : KN95
Material : Non-woven, Melt blown fabric
Gloves material Nitrile rubber
Shoe cover Nonslip, Nonwoven Fabric, breathable PE film, water proof
Suit Weight : 70g
Material : Nonwoven Fabric, breathable PE film, water proof
Goggles Material : Polyethylene
Property : Anti- fog
Packing details 20 sets in a Carton
Carton size 55 x 23 x 36 cm
Carton Weight 7 kg
Applications :

They are ideal for doctors, care takers or any other person to avoid contact with such infection or harmful viruses.