Ventilator Machine ZVM-A63

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Ventilator Machine ZVM-A63 offers oxygen concentration ranges from 48 to 100% and pressure ranges from 0.28 MPa to 0.60 MPa. Equipped with ventilation mode such as A/C, SIGH, SIMV, SPONT and manual. Integrated with security alarm system, oxygen concentration alarm, airway pressure alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, alarm stop and alarm mute. Incorporated with monitoring parameters like DC power supply indication, trigger indication, charging indication, AC power supply indication, tidal volume, oxygen concentration value, minute ventilation, peak airway pressure, trigger pressure respiratory rate, breathing ratio and P-T waveform.

Specifications :
Oxygen Concentration 48% to 100%
Breathing Ratio 2:1 to 1:4
Tidal Volume 0 to 1500 ml
Respirator Rate 4 to 99/min
Monitoring Display High-definition LCD liquid crystal display, the size of the LCD screen is not less than 100×55 (mm)
Trigger Sensitivity - 20 to 0 cm H2O
Positive End-Expiratory Pressure 5 to 20 cm H2O
Maximum Safe Pressure of Gas System 6 kPa
Air Pressure 280 to 600 kPa
Whole Machine Noise Not more than 65 dB (A)
Ventilation Mode A/C, SIGH, SIMV, SPONT, Manual
Rated Pressure 0.4 MPa
Pressure Range 0.28 MPa to 0.60 MPa
Inhalation/Exhalation Impedance No more than 0.6 kPa at 30 L / min flow rate
Airway Pressure Upper Limit Alarm 2 kPa to 6kPa
Airway Pressure Lower Limit Alarm 0 kPa to 2 kPa
Low Tidal Volume Alarm 50 mL to 150 mL
Tidal Volume VT 0 to 1500 mL; Resolution: 1 mL
Respiration Frequency F 4 to 60 bpm, Resolution/Increment: 1 bpm; range of SIMV is 2 to 30 bpm
Fio2 Oxygen Concentration 48 % to 100 %, continuously adjustable
Peak Pressure Peak 0 to 6 kPa
Breathing Ratio I: E: 2 1 to 1: 8 is adjustable
Trigger Sensitivity psens - 2 kPa to 0 kPa; Resolution/Increment: 0.1 kPa
PEEP (Optional) 0 to 2 kPa
Minute Ventilation Maximum not less than 18 liters / minute
System Compliance No more than 4 mL / 100 Pa
Input Current 0.125
Power Supply Voltage AC 220 V, 50 Hz; DC DC12 V; built-in DC12V lithium battery pack
Dimension (W×D×H) 300×170×175 mm
Weight 3.5 kg
Features :
  • Microcomputer control and Pneumatic electric control
  • Different power sources like vehicle power and mains
  • Built-in lithium battery pack, continuous running time is not less than 3 hours after the battery is fully charged
  • Designed for first aid, equipped with a multi-purpose rack, easy to carry
  • Ergonomic design and flat user interface
  • Easy to clean, maintain and convenient to use
  • Integrated with alarm for asphyxia, continuous pressure, low tidal volume and low air pressure
Applications :

Ventilator Machine is widely used in hospitals and homes. It is suitable for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients.