Dental X-ray System ZDXS-A11

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Dental X-ray system ZDXS-A11 features 2.5 mm aluminum filter to achieve the imaging requirement of dental field. Allows wide latitude of exposure provided by the anode voltage of potential 70 kV. Aluminum filter incorporated neutralizes soft radiations reducing the radiation exposure dose.

Specifications :
Location Mode Mobile
Tube Voltage 70 kV
Tube Current 8 mA
Exposure Time 0.2 sec to 4 sec
Focus Size 1.5 mm
Total Filtration 2.5 mm Al
Radiation Leak 1 meter away ≤ 0.002 mGy/h
(National standard 0.25 mGy/h)
Features :
  • Mobile dental X-ray system
  • Aluminum filter neutralize radiation
  • Leak radiation quantity: outside one meter ≤ 0.002 mGy/h
Applications :

Used in hospitals and dental clinics by oral surgeons in everyday practice and treatment for dentures, braces etc.