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Personal Protection Equipment kit ZPPE-A10 consists of suit along with shoe cover, goggles, mask and 3 layered ply masks. The suit is made of non-woven coated with breathable PE film. The PPE kits are available from S to XL (160 – 190 cm).

Specifications :
Mask Material : Non-woven, Melt blown fabric
Layer : 3 ply
Gloves material Latex rubber
Suit and shoe cover Weight : 50g
Material : Nonwoven Fabric, breathable PE film, water proof
Goggles Material : Polyethylene
Property : Anti- fog
Packing details 20 sets in a Carton
Carton size 55 x 23 x 36 cm
Carton Weight 6.5 kg
Applications :

PPE Kits are used at healthcare centres, job-related or occupational safety to protect the wearer from the infection.