High Frequency X-Ray Radiography ZXRR-A10

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ZXRR-A10 is a compact stationary X-ray radiography machine featuring built in high frequency and high voltage inverter to emit good quality X-rays using a single point detector. Hence it maintains superior image quality at minimal radiation dosage. Radiation table is based on electromagnetic brake which helps them to be in stationary position.

Specifications :
Power output 25 kW
Inverter frequency 40 kHz
X-ray tube (dual focus) Large focus: ( 1.3 × 1.3 ) mm
Small focus : (0.6 × 0.6 ) mm
Tube current 200 mA
Rotatory anode speed 3000 rpm
Tube voltage 40 kV to 125 kV
Power supply 200 mA
X-ray tube rotation 380 V; 50 Hz
Table size ± 90 °
Table height 2000 mm × 760 mm
Transverse travel of table ≤ 700 mm
Longitudinal travel of table ±110 mm (Electromagnetic brake)
Floor stand rotation ±325 mm (Electromagnetic brake)
Floor stand longitudinal travel 360 °
Axial rotation ≥ 1350 mm
SID (Source to image distance) 0 to 35 °
Features :
  • High frequency and high voltage generator
  • Radiographic parameters depend upon physical character of patient such as multi-site, adult, pediatric
  • Bucky stand for head, chest, belly, pelvic cavity and backbone imaging
  • Radiographic table with electromagnetic brake is movable, guarantees the accurate and simple position
  • LCD touch screen graphic control alters radiographic parameters
  • Automatic fault detection and safeguard system
Applications :

Used as multipurpose radiography. It used to get images in lying, sitting and standing position.i.e. Images of head, chest, legs, belly and arm.