Surgical Suction Pump ZSP-A20

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Surgical suction pump ZSP-A20 features oil free pump, operate with flow rate more than 80 L/min helps to achieve increased performance and faster suction. Four containers are incorporated to collect fluid, air filter is added to prevent damage on pump. High capacity, polycarbonate jar is used. Sensitive operation with less noise.

Specifications :
Max Vacuum Pressure 680 mmHg
Vacuum Range 0.02 MPa ~ 0.09MPa (680 mmHg)
Flow Rate ≥ 80 L/min
No. of Container (Jar) 4
Container Capacity (4000 ml × 2)
(2000 ml × 2)
Noise ≤ 60 dB
Input Power 280 VA
Power Supply AC 220 V
50 Hz
Features :
  • Four containers incorporated
  • Flow rate can be above 80 L/min
  • Overflow protection prevents fluid entering in to the inner pipe
  • High intensity polycarbonate plastic jar
  • Oil free piston pump
Applications :

Used in clinics, hospital where general surgeries conducted, Liposuction, endoscopy, wound drainage