X-ray Film Processor ZXFP-A10

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ZXFP-A10 is automatic X- ray film processor which develops good quality visible X-ray images from latent images. X- Ray, CT, MIR and other medical films are processed with standard processing speed of 90 sec. Assures high quality film processing with low noise level.

Specifications :
Tank capacity 6 L
Film size 3 × 6 to 14 × 17 inch
Processing speed 90 to 165 sec
Max processing width 14 inch
Adjustable processing time 25, 35, 45 sec
Drying temperature 40 °C to 60 °C
Liquid chemical cooling temp 20 °C to 40 °C
Replenishment system Automatic
Noise level ≤ 55 dB
Features :
  • Automatic X-ray film processing
  • Film format : X-ray, CT, MRI and other medical films
  • Adjustment of liquid level cooling temperature
  • Drying temperature can be adjustable
Applications :

Used in hospitals to handle the x-ray specific device like CT, MRI and other more. Used in large scale industries.