Coagulation Analyzer ZCOA-A11

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Coagulation analyzer ZCOA-A11 is a high capacity analyzer with two testing channels and thirty two sample and four reagent positions. Less consumption of reagent for accurate end result. Devised for photometric measurement of test sample. Built-in thermal sensitive printer for printing of prerecorded and current data for end user convenience

Specifications :
Testing channels Double
Sample positions 32
Reagent positions 4
Test items PT, APTT, TT, Fibrinogen and clotting factors
Measuring system Photometric
Light source Tungsten lamp
Display Rear-illuminated LCD screen
Power supply 110 / 220 V (AC); 50 / 60 Hz
Incubator temperature 37 °C ± 0.2 °C
Features :
  • 32 sample positions
  • 4 reagent positions
  • Photometric measuring
  • Measuring cuvette with magnetic stirring motor
  • PT, APTT, TT, Fibrinogen and clotting factors can be performed
  • Clotting factors expressed as in time, ratio, INR
  • Built in incubator maintain 37 °C ± 0.2 °C
  • Internal thermal printer
  • Data input : membrane keypad
Applications :

Used is medical laboratories to perform blood clotting test and other clotting analysis.