High Frequency Digital Radiography ZDRS-A10

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ZDRS-A10 is a compact digital radiography machine featuring built in high frequency generator and power inverter facilitate light weight structure without the need for additional bulky high voltage generator or cables. Rotational U-shaped frame combined with electric lift design facilitates more flexible and expedient operation. Digital tactile LCD graphic color system contributes to ergonomic radiographic process.

Specifications :
X-ray Machine
Power output 26 kW
X-ray tube (dual focus) Large focus: 1.3 mm
Small focus: 0.6 mm
Tube voltage 40 kV to 130 kV
Tube current 200 mA
Inverter frequency 60 kHz
Thermal capacity 900 kJ
Rotatory anode speed 3000 rpm
mAs 360 mAs
U-shaped Arm
Rotation range -40 ° to + 130 °
Motorized vertical travel 450 mm to 1700 mm
Anode to screen range 1000 mm to 1800 mm
Digital Detector
Type Charge-coupled device ( CCD )
Screen size 17 × 17 inch
Pixel size 108 µm
Imaging time 7 sec
Image storage and transmission Dicom- 3.0
Radiography bed size 2000 mm × 650 mm
Photography Bed
Bed size 2000 mm × 650 mm
Bed height ≤ 720 mm
Transverse shift 200 mm
Longitudinal shift 100 mm
Power supply 380 V ; 50 Hz
Features :
  • Dual focus X-ray tube
  • Real time microprocessor control
  • 17 by 19 million pixel digital CCD detector
  • Digital tactile LCD graphic color control system
  • Radiographic parameters depend upon physical character of patient such as multi-site, multi position, adult and pediatric
  • Internalized battery allow 200 radiographic exposer on full charge
Applications :

Used in hospitals and clinic for angiographic studies, Therapeutic studies and orthopedic studies.