Neonatal Radiant Warmer ZRW-20

Neonatal Radiant Warmer ZRW-20

Neonatal radiant warmer ZRW-A20 is a body warming device. It helps to maintain the body temperature of new born baby by providing sufficient heat to the body. Heat directed is reflected to the entire mattress and maintain uniform temperature inside the mattress. Microcomputer control the pre warming, baby mode and manual mode.

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Operational environment
Heater infrared wavelength
Mattress ( radiant unit)
Max load on mattress tray
Tilt of mattress
Time to warm up
Temperature 34.5 to 37.5 °C
Air flow rate
Power requirement
System failure
Noise level
Pressure adjustment
Mattress warming ( adjustable range ) 25 to 38 °C
Skin temperature sensor accuracy ± 0.3 °C
Mattress temperature uniformity ≤ 2 °C
Warming module angle ± 60 °
Bassinet inclination ± 20 °
  • Adjustable heater head and bassinet horizons inclination angle
  • Temperature deviation, sensor failure, power failure, parameter setting alarms are included
  • Adjustable vertical height of the stand
  • Mattress used is of silicon
  • Digital timer with preset audible timing indication ( APGAR)


Device is used to administer anesthetic gases and vapors to respiratory system, to induce sleep and to eliminate patient’s pain. Used in hospitals mainly in intensive care units.

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