Urine Analyzer ZURA-A20

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Urine analyzer ZURA-A20 analyzes the structures present in urine sediments. Fully automated device with high performance rate of 30 to 60 samples per hour. Non-centrifugal urine sample is used to test and they loaded under laser sensors using peristaltic pump. Recognition of RBC, WBC and other components of clinical requirement.

Specifications :
Output 30 to 60 sample/hr
Test mode Fully-Automated
Test principle Planar flow technology, SVM technology
Sample volume 2 ml (non-centrifugal urine)
Sample load 2 × 10 samples load once
Detectable components RBC, WBC, Fungus, Tube type, Shrinking RBC, Bacteria, Impurity, Crystal, Epithelial cell, Sperm
Storage ≥ 600,000 result
Features :
  • Fully automated device
  • Tests for RBC, WBC, other components
  • Output: 30 to 60 samples / hr
  • Sample volume : 2ml (Non-centrifugal urine)
  • Aspirating volume : 1 ml
  • Sample load under laser sensor
  • Works in combination with urine analyzer
  • Storage of more than 60,0000 results
Applications :

Used in medical laboratories, hospitals. Measure several substances in the urine, such as byproducts of normal and abnormal metabolism.