Ventilator machine ZVM-A40

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Ventilator machine ZVM-A40 is a multipurpose ventilator used for emergency clinical resuscitation and respiratory therapy for adult and neonate patients. There is backup power supply facility during power failure and Alarm system give alert sign in case of any failure in the functions.

Specifications :
Respiratory rate IPPV: 5 to 60 bpm,
SIMV: 1 ̴ 12 bpm
Inspiratory time 0.2 ̴ 3 sec
Minute volume 0-40 L/min
Pressure limit 1 to 9 kPa
Adjustable oxygen concentration 21-100 %
Features :
  • Multipurpose : adult and neonate
  • Ventilation mode-1) Adult: IPPV(VC)/(PC), SIMV, SIMV+PSV, CPAP, PSV 2) Neonate: IPPV (PC), IMV, CPAP continues flow, limited pressure, Time cycle 3) Emergency: IPPA (PC) constant pressure
  • Inspiratory flow rate: 1) Adult: 10 to 120 L/min (inspiratory phase) 2) Infant: 4 to 24 L/min (continuous)
  • Respiratory rate, minute volume, tidal volume are visible in the ventilator monitor
  • Maximum, mean and plateau pressures are observed in the airway pressure monitor
  • Presence of alarm system
  • Backup power supply
Applications :

Used in emergency care units and also in intensive care units of hospitals.