Electrosurgical unit ZEU-A12

Electrosurgical unit ZEU-A12

Electrosurgical unit ZEU-A12 is used for bipolar surgeries. It offers energy output up to 150 W. Therapeutic methods includes bipolar coagulation with lower thermal damage risks. It offers separate control panel for a range of operations.

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Output Power 80 W
Operating frequency ( monopolar ) 330 kHz/430 kHz
Power Rating 300 VA ± 10 %
Operating frequency ( bipolar ) 1000 kHz
Bipolar coagulation 0 to 80 W ( 300 Ω )
Biopolar 0 to 80 W ( 100 Ω )
  • Energy output up to 150 W
  • Digital display for visualization of working parameters
  • Push button for quick change of parameters
  • Error alarm for failure detection system
  • Easy to operate


This is used during general surgery. Also used during neurosurgery.

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