Surgical Suction Pump ZSP-A10

Surgical Suction Pump ZSP-A10

Surgical suction pump ZSP-A10 features oil free lubrication piston pump of air pumping efficacy more than 20 L/min for surgical aspiration. Compact design enclosed in plastic case, making it easy to carry and perform intermittent load continuous operation. Power supply can be provided in the form of AC/ DC mode, or utilize internalized battery.

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Max Vacuum Pressure 680 mmHg
Vacuum Range 0.013 MPa ~ 0.09 MPa (600 mmHg)
Input Power 400 VA
Container Capacity 1000 ml
Flow Rate ≥ 20 L/min
Battery Lithium
Noise ≤ 55 dB
Operating Volt AC: 220 V ± 10 V
DC : 12V
  • Portable continuous mode operation
  • Intermittent loading
  • Container capacity: 1000 ml
  • Oil free lubrication piston pump
  • Power supply : AC/ DC , inner battery
  • Enclosed in plastic case


Used during or after surgery to remove the surgical fluid. Used for orthopedic, liposuction, dental and maxillary surgery.

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