Ultrasound System ZUS-A12

Ultrasound System ZUS-A12

Ultrasound system ZUS-A12 small size portable device, make it perfect for small exam room’s use. It is incorporated with transducer port to connect transducer which send and receive high frequency sound wave. High quality and flexible images are produced which can be viewed at the same time. Output patient data are stored permanently.

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Transducer frequency 3.5 MHz
Transducer probe connector 2
Image storage ≥ 1000 images
Pseudo color 7
Work station Yes
Time gain compensation (TGC) adjustment 8
Imaging mode B, 2B, 4B, BM, M
Monitor 12 inch LCD
  • Portable and compact system
  • High flexibility, hence give good quality image
  • Real time visualization of the scanning organ


Uses for Endocrinology (thyroid), breast, testicular, abdomen and other imaging of smaller organs.

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