Micropplate Washer ZMW-A12 |


Microplate washer ZMW-A12 consists of large touch screen display with strip and plate wash adjustable. It includes complete bottom wash with shaking and soaking function and also can be paused during washing. With large storing capacity, it can store up to 100 user programmed wash protocol and is also suitable for flat, v-bottom, and u-bottom microplate. Line wash function is also included with adjustable washing time to avoid pipe block effectively.

Specifications :
Input 8 key membrane keyboard
Display Touch Screen LCD display screen
Manifold 8 pins and 12 pins
Wash Strips 1 – 12 strip adjustable, skip strip allowed
Cycle 1 – 99 times adjustable
Soak Time 0 – 24 h adjustable, step by 1 s
Shake Time 0 – 600 s adjustable, step by 1 s
Residual Volume ≤ 1 𝜇L/ well
Liquid Volume 10 – 400 𝜇L/ well
Storage Capacity More than 100 user defined wash board procedures
Features :
  • It is simple, safe, reliable, and easy-to-use
  • Line wash function with adjustable washing time
  • Large touch-screen display
  • High touch sensitivity
  • Plate and strip wash adjustable
  • It can be paused during washing
  • Large memory capacity, can store up to 100 user programmed wash protocols
Applications :

Microplate Washer are used for enzyme-linked immunosorbent tests, in particular (ELISA). They are also used in DNA purification processes and to wash beads, protein arrays, cell cultures, Western blots, and protein arrays.