Ventilator machine ZVM-A50

Ventilator machine ZVM-A50

Ventilator machine ZVM-A50 is pneumatically driven and electrically controlled device. Tidal volume delivery ranges from 10 to 300 ml. It’s newly designed to meet the special need of clinical respiratory management and respiratory therapy for infant and children with respiratory disorders.

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Tidal volume 10 - 300 ml
Ventilation mode CMV, IMV, CPAP, Manual
Respiratory rate 1 to 120 bpm
I:E ratio 1:0.1 - 1:9.9
Minute volume ≥ 5 L/min
Adjustable oxygen concentration 21 - 100 %
  • Compact and highly reliable
  • Innovative functions, convenient operation with low tidal volume
  • Essential instrument in emergency and ICU rooms
  • Audible/ visual alarm systems
  • Backup power supply


Specially designed for new born babies (infant), used in clinical and intensive care units.

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