ECG Machine ZWECG-A50

ECG Machine ZWECG-A50

ZWECG-A50 is an advanced wireless electro cardiograph model with wireless transmitter and receiver. It allows real time ST- segment monitoring and provision for critical data at each stage of the stress test. Built in antenna and monitor to display the ECG waveform. Wireless system ensures good quality cleaner result reducing the problem of cable movement. Auto comparison of continuous ST trends with reference complexes with automated presentation of slope for 12 average complexes.

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Sampling frequency 1000 Hz
EMG interference filter 35 Hz
Power frequency filter AC 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Heart rate range 30 bpm to 300 bpm
Gain 5, 10, 20 mm/mV
Frequency response 0.05 Hz to 150 Hz
Resolution 12 bit
Dynamic input range ± 3 mV
Input impedance ≥ 50 MΩ
Anti-polarization voltage ± 500 mV
Transmitter power supply (wireless) 5 V (DC)
Transmitter dimensions 92 × 63 × 28 mm
Receiver dimensions 149 × 79 × 21 mm
  • Single piece wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Tredmill (for monitoring electrical activity of the heart)
  • 12 lead ECG data
  • Auto comparison of continuous ST trends with reference complexes
  • Flexible configuration, user friendly interface
  • Trend graphs display and print
  • Filter added reduces noise and ECG signal base line


Used in hospitals and research laboratories. Mainly used by physicians and cardiologist.

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