Infusion Pump ZIP-A10

Infusion Pump ZIP-A10

Infusion Pump ZIP-A10 is used to deliver fluid to a patient’s circulatory system in a controlled manner. This is equipped with peristaltic pump for pulsation and LCD monochromatic display to monitor operational parameter. Incorporation of alarm systems for parameter failure alerts.

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Mode Flow rate, drop rate
Flow rate range 0.1 to 1500 ml/hr.
VTBI (Volume to be infused ) 0.1 to 999.9 ml, increment is 0.1ml;
1000 to 9999ml, increment is 1ml
Drop rate change 1 to 400 drops/min
Preset volume 1 to 9999.9 ml
KVO (keep vein open) rate 0.5 ml/hr.
Bolus rate 0.10 to 1500ml/hr.
Purge rate 600ml/hr.
Power supply 100 / 240 V AC (50 / 60 Hz, 0.4 to 0.14 A)
10 to 16 V DC (2.25 to 1.5 A)
Operating temperature 5 °C to 40 °C
( 15 to 95 % RH )
Air pressure 57 kPa to 106 kPa
Display LCD
Dimension 146 × 193 × 95 mm
  • Low pulsation rate delivering uniform drops
  • Multimode options bring flexible operation
  • Peristaltic pump with precised flow rate
  • Accurate and safer pulsation
  • Alarm system for parameter failure alert


Used to deliver meditation such as insulin, Harmons, antibiotics. Used at hospitals ICU, CCU.

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