External Defibrillator ZED-A102

External Defibrillator ZED-A102

Defibrillator ZED-A102 is emergency care unit diagnoses sudden cardiac arrest and treat by biphasic defibrillation. In biphasic defibrillator current flows in one direction in the first phase of the shock and then reverses for the second phase.

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Defibrillator type Biphasic
Energy 0, 20 J, 50 J, 100 J, 250 J, 300 J, 360 J
Charging Time 10 sec ( at 360 J )
Paddle Reusable external adult paddles
Power Supply 110 V / 220 V (AC)
50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Biphasic defibrillation
  • Manual operation
  • External reusable paddles
  • Pediatric paddles integrated
  • Internal NiMH battery


Used on a person having sudden cardiac arrest to save a life. Used in hospitals and by paramedics in the ambulance.

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