4D Color Doppler Ultrasound System ZUS-A51

4D Color Doppler Ultrasound System ZUS-A51

4D Color Doppler Ultrasound System ZUS-A51 has high resolution display with multi beam parallel technology. Designed with 4D real skin rendering functionality and windows embedded ultrasonic platform ultrasonic running platform for the flexibility of the user experience. Integrated with automatic spectrum measurement for convenience of the user, it has touchscreen display for highly efficient operation and to minimize user fatigue.

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Probe ports 4 Active
Transducer probe type Convex probe, linear probe, Micro-convex probe, R20 Phased array probe, Trans-vaginal probe, 4D volume probe
Standard monitor size 21.5 inch, high definition medical grade LCD display, and 13.3 inch touch-screen
Operating system Windows 10
Optimization One key auto optimization
  • High resolution display for observing the changes with high definition images
  • Multi-beam parallel technology and sub-array element transducers
  • Superior image clarity and abundant measurement for women’s healthcare
  • Operational panel can lift 18 cm vertically for convenience of the user
  • Touchscreen with 0 ° to 45 ° adjustable flip
  • 4 fully activated probe interfaces
  • USB image storage expert for saving the images
  • Connect external monitor and printer
  • Integrated file information management system to record and check the data
  • Diagnostics reports can be edited, embedded with report and printed directly
  • Compact keyboard for easy operation of the device
  • Main screen is 21.5 inch and auxiliary screen is 13.3-inch
  • Medical ultrasonic touch screen for different angle observation
  • 4 D Real skin rendering function for enhanced imaging
  • Windows embedded ultrasonic running platform
  • Ergonomic design for better operation
  • DICOM function, can be directly connected with the hospital PACS system
  • Micron imaging technology for real time tracking of specific signals at the edges of different tissues
  • Harmonic technology for enhanced image clarity, resolution and signal strength
  • Efficient diagnosis of cardiovascular and abdominal diseases
  • Automatic spectrum measurement
  • Reduced noise with improved contrast resolution of tissue images
  • Trapezoid imaging for better scanning of internal organs of the human body
  • Automatic spectrum tracking technology for examining heart, arteries and veins
  • Sub array technology for obtaining image details and high accuracy of clinical diagnosis

Optional Accessories

Thermal printer

Puncture guide frame
Gel warmer


Standing 4 D Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine is used for evaluation of ultrasonic imaging of the abdomen, obstetrics, across hospitals and clinics.

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